Temporary anonymous email FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does MailCatch actually do?
MailCatch is temporary anonymous email service available for free. What does this mean?

No signup then?
None at all!

But I see a big Premium link!
Yes you do! All the features listed are available for free; however some additional features requires a Premium access (quite cheap at 3€ / month) because those features are either more sensitive (email forwarding) or cost money to implement for each user (private mailcath hosts).

This sounds great, how do I use it?
When a site asks you for an email and you do not want to provide your real one for fear of spam, just give a mail of the form whatever@mailcatch.com.
Then you go to MailCatch.com and you open the whatever inbox, read your mail and be done with it!

Do I own the inbox I "created"?
Not at all, anybody can see the mails of all inboxes as long as they know which to check. So if you prefer to "hide" just use some random and long inbox name. The main page of the site even provides you with one automatically.

Everybody can see my mails!
Yes they can, and you should not really care. If you want private mails there are other services made for this purpose. We offer you anonymous mails, which is not the same. In any cases, if you use a mailbox name complex enough chances are nobody else will check it.

I am eager to receive a mail, can I be notified when it arrives?
Yes, you have two choices:

What mailbox name is allowed?
You can use any mailbox name you want that follow those simple rules:

So I can use this service for illegal stuff, since it is anonymous!
While we do not keep any traces of what is going on, we do not approve of any law-breaking actions. If a legal body asks us to help them catch you, we will.

Check inbox

Random address

You can use any address you want, but in case you can't think of a good cryptic one, here is a random one:

(Copies to your clipboard automatically)

Rapid access

You can access your mailbox even faster by using an url like that:


RSS Feed

You can access your mailbox as a RSS feed using your favorite feed aggregator. Just enter your mailbox name and click on the RSS button.